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About Duchal Nursery School


Duchal Nursery sets out to prepare children to become well-balanced entrants to formal education.  It provides an education of the highest standard, using the most advanced principles and methods.

We want to go into partnership with parents so that together we can build on all that has been achieved before children come into the nursery school. Our aim is to work with parents to help children achieve their potential in all areas of their development.

We provide a warm, caring, secure and stimulating environment, totally geared to the 3-5 year old. We foster a family atmosphere, encouraging children to help one another and, in particular, the older children are encouraged to help younger ones.

Our ratio of one adult to six children enables us to get to know all the children in our care.  It also enables us to give time and reassurance to any child who may need a little extra attention.

 New Duchal Nursery building  
   Duchal Nursery building                                    The opening of the new Nursery in 2008