Ambulance Crew

What an amazing and inspiring day!

We were totally spoilt today with a visit from Doug, one of our Duchal dads, who is an air ambulance doctor and his paramedic colleague Dave. They work out of Glasgow airport on the air ambulance. 

Having spent the term learning all about transport the children were fascinated by hearing about the pilot who also works with them. They mainly cover the west of Scotland but can be called out anywhere depending on the emergency.

They arrived in an ambulance and the kids were allowed to try the oxygen masks, turn on the blue lights and sirens. They also tested their oxygen levels and pulse with a machine and tried on the air ambulance helmets. 

Obviously this was great fun however we also had a very important life lesson and learnt how to call for an ambulance and the importance of knowing where you live if you call 999.

Thank you so much to Doug and Dave for an inspiring and fun morning