Autumn Newsletter

The Summer seems a distant dream as Autumn rolls in. All the children have settled in to Nursery life seamlessly, with our older “teddies” loving the responsibility of being mentors to the younger “teddies” who have just started with us.


Our Rainforest topic has been an overwhelming success, and the nursery has progressively transformed itself in to a jungle full of vibrant colours, adorned with all sorts of exotic animals such as butterflies, caterpillars, lizards and toucans. The children have made rainmakers, (can we blame them for all the wet weather recently?), tribal necklaces as well as monkeys and toucans.


Music ignites all areas of child development and at Duchal we are very lucky to have our own music specialist in Mrs Campbell who has a Masters in Music. Her latest initiative introduced the children to “draw what you hear”.
Playing a mix of classical, pop, bagpipes and traditional music the children then literally drew what they heard!  Whether it was long loopy lines for slow music, up and down angular lines for when the tempo increased or just using different colours as the music differed.

Science in Sept-STEM-ber

September saw the children conducting their own science experiments in our activity room. There was masses of weighing and measuring going on, creating plenty of messy fun. However, there is method to our madness as we know that science helps children develop vital life-skills such as problem-solving, communication and research.
There are also the obvious benefits of then eating what has been measured, whether it be a smoothie or a jam tart!!

Number Fun for Maths

Making Maths fun is a top priority for our Blue Teddies in their pre school learning year. So what better way of starting to recognise your numbers by finding them in a bowl of jelly!
With the luxury of a dedicated quiet room for concentrated study for our blue teddies in their pre school year, our teachers are able to give plenty of time each day in developing skills with our older children.


Duchal was established in 1967 by local parents and continues to be run as a parents’ co-operative. It is the only specialist pre school nursery in the area and isn’t part of a larger school. We are passionate about early years education and preparing each child for school in a fun, nurturing way.
We have a fantastic team of staff, with many years of experience in childcare, all of whom are parents themselves, Duchal is a very caring, nurturing, happy nursery and we pride ourselves in knowing each child extremely well and welcome them and their family into the Duchal extended family.
With a purpose built nursery, including 3 separate rooms, an enclosed safe garden in a park setting Duchal is designed to give parents’ the confidence that they have given their child the best start in life.
If you are looking for pre school place for your child please get in touch to arrange a visit meet the teachers and find out more about what Duchal can offer your child.