Halloween Spooktacular

Halloween has made for a Spook-tacular start to our Winter term at Duchal. The children have got into the 'spirit ' of things making pumpkin soup, having fun playing with spider-infested playdough and black gloop, making paper bats and to top it all off, the Duchal Halloween Party was held yesterday morning. This was great fun - even the teachers dressed up a little and everyone managed to get through without being TOO scared ( ha ha).The weather has been unseasonably kind so we have also been making the most of our garden and taking the opportunity to play in the fresh air while we still can and the children have had lots of fun with all the fallen leaves

Our opposites this week were Dark and Light, so Madame Camelford has been teaching the children the French version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (' Brille Brille Petite Etoile' for those of you who want to learn). We also had a look at what happens when light is shone through a prism and magically makes a rainbow, which fascinated some of our young scientists.

Our colour of the week next week will be orange and our opposites will be In and Out. We will enjoy some Bonfire night crafts and in preparation for Remembrance Sunday will be making some poppy pictures.