November Update

We have been tripping the "Light Fantastic" this week as we took part in activities related to Bonfire Night and Diwali. The impending Winter darkness is the perfect excuse to indulge in crafts using as much colour and glitter as possible - and it isn't even Christmas yet!

To this end we have made bonfire pictures and also Diwali lamps as last weekend marked the celebration of the Hindu Festival of Lights. The children watched a video explaining the significance of Diwali which is just one of the festivals from other cultures which we celebrate in a small way as part of the Religious and Moral Education part of the curriculum. As Remembrance Sunday is this weekend, we have also been making a poppy wreath for the Nursery and talking to the children about why we wear poppies at this time of year.

As you might imagine from all of this, our paint and glitter supplies have been severely depleted (especially the glitter!) and our cleaner Marissa deserves a medal for her efforts . We really couldn't do without her and are very grateful for the way in which she contributes to making the nursery a welcoming space at the start of each day.

Next week our colour of the week will be grey (very suitable for November) and the opposites will be 'hard' and 'soft'.