Update on Nursery Activities

It feels like we are really in the swing of the new term at Duchal now. All of our new children have settled so well and already feel like well established members of our Duchal family.

Our rainforest theme is proving to be very popular and children have been making tribal necklaces this week as well as completing their animal and insect art work started earlier in the term. It really is a jungle out there! ( More accurately 'in here').

Wet and dry have been our opposites, and while there are plenty of practical examples of this in nursery activities, we thought it would be fun to have some potion making going on and the children have had great fun mixing dry ingredients ( coffee, glitter, salt, lentils, flour etc) with wet ingredients ( water, shampoo, glue, paint, shaving foam ). We also made some cup cakes to illustrate the real life examples of mixing wet and dry and the blue teddies enjoyed picking numbers out of jelly as part of their number recognition work. Some elementary chemistry going on at Duchal here and we are sure we spotted a few budding scientists in our midst. Fine motor skills have been utilised to the full as children tried to thread pipe cleaners through colanders and sieves as well as threading their pasta tribal necklaces . We will be focusing on scissor work this term also, so if there is any opportunity at home to practice cutting ( with safety scissors of course) this should be encouraged, as children become quite frustrated when they can't cut things out for themselves. Old magazines and a pair of childs scissors can fill a happy half hour and help greatly to develop this important skill.

Next week our colour of the week will be green ( can see the jungle getting a bit overgrown with this one ) so we look forward to seeing what interesting items appear on the green news table. Blue teddy homework will go out as usual on Thursdays to be returned on Monda. Please note that homework is optional - if the children dont feel like doing it there is no pressure .

It looks like Summer may be paying a last visit to Kilmacolm this next few days, so whatever you are all doing, we hope that you have an enjoyable weekend.

The Duchal Teachers.