Updates from the teachers - our new term

It looks like we may be heading into another blustery weekend and Autumn is beginning to make its presence felt in no uncertain terms. This has not stopped us getting out and about at Duchal however, and we have had some lovely Autumn walks round the park this week, with the children being asked to look out for signs of Autumn like red leaves, acorns and the ever fascinating 'helicopters' from the big sycamore tree on the other side of the park. We have also made Autumn windows using laminating sheets and a collection of leaves, flowers and grasses from the great outdoors. The collection also housed quite a lot of spiders who had to be rescued and put outside, causing mixed reactions among children AND staff.

This week our colour was green and we made green smoothies containing spinach, avocado, kiwi, mint, banana and an assortment of other ingredients. These went down very well in spite of the unfamiliar mixture - maybe drinking our vegetables is the way to go for those reluctant to eat them. We also had a green treasure hunt in the garden and there have been a variety of gloopy green mixtures in our Tuff tray this week as the children are never happier than when up to the ears in messy play. This is what nursery is for - exploring to your hearts content and getting as messy as you like without having to worry about damaging the house!

Next Friday we are having a dressing up day for charity when the children are invited to come to nursery in their favourite dressing up clothes, COVID has meant we have had to put the dress up clothes away for now in nursery but we acknowledge that this is a big miss for the children and so we hope that this will make up for it a little bit. If your child does not want to participate that is absolutely fine but maybe bring an outfit anyway, just in case they change their minds when they see everyone else. Any money raised will be used to buy first aid supplies for a young doctor we know who is going out to volunteer in Greece in the Syrian refugee camps there. They are in desperate need of basics like paracetamol and toothpaste as well as some larger items. Duchal has already donated some rainjackets we have which were made in the wrong colour and Rebecca, who is the doctor involved will take these with her. She is limited for luggage space though (we dont want her to have to hire her own plane) so buying some of the smaller things is an ideal way to contribute.

Next week the colour of the week will be yellow and our shape will be a rectangle.

The Duchal Teachers.