Winter Newsletter 2019

Winter 2019 Newsletter from Duchal Nursery

With snow laying all around the nursery we feel in a real Winter Wonderland at the moment.  Adding to the magic of our hot & cold countries topic, playing out in the snow has made us realize how chilly it can be but at the same time on the other side of the world it can be boiling hot as Australia suffers a heat wave.

Through our various topics the children gain a wealth of information and learn so much, often without realizing it.  Much of our learning is through play and in an informal environment, this impromptu creation of an outdoor abacus, is a great example of this.

We certainly make the most of our wonderful setting in Birkmyre Park, spending time getting exercise and fresh air, while discovering the nature and weather around us!

Wereally are most fortunate to have our refurbished garden that is completely covered with artificialgrass allowing access whatever the conditions under foot!  The new addition of our Mud Kitchen was a huge hit.  A fantastic example of “up-cycling” it certainly was a popular activity with all sorts of things being created!

Indoors we have been bursting with sound on our musical mornings with the formation of the Duchal Nursery Marching Band, with a whole host of instruments, creating a variety of music. 

The children have been introduced to some classical music listening to Mozart and Berlioz. They loved making their own music: some loud, some quiet, some fast, some slow. Everyone was amazed at what different sounds can be made, and loved using the glockenspiels - they were a big hit!!

Introducing the children to different cultures and festivals is an important part of our year.  We learnt all about Diwali and all the celebrations involved, making clay tea lights and decorating the nursery with lights.  Our Halloween party was a huge success welcoming children from outwith the nursery.

We celebrated St Andrew’s Day with a flash of tartan and Highland dancing, some home made shortbread and oatcakes!

STEM learning is an ever-increasing part of education and there are no limits to when this should be introduced. Our children are certainly very “tech savvy” and love using our touch screen computers for learning.   We use Education City a fantastic educational resource aimed at pre school children exposing them to a wide range of technology.  Through the use of E-Learning Journals we are able to give parents regular feedback online about the activities that their child has been doing.  This is a fantastic way of giving parents an insight into life inside the nursery.

Christmas saw great excitement and enjoyment with carol singing with the older generation at Marcus Humphrey House in Quarriers Village.  It was delightful to see all ages enjoying each other’s company so much.  Our annual theatre trip to Glasgow for our festive fix was magical, and as usual the children did themselves proud with a wonderful Nativity performance.

Lunch and Afternoon Clubs, which offer parents more options for extended childcare, have been busy with a varied selection of activities on offer.  The children thoroughly enjoy the extra time they have to immerse themselves in everything that Duchal offers, and the parents are able to take advantage of the increased flexibility of childcare with the nursery open from 8.15am – 3.30pm every day.

The launch of the Duchal Summer Holiday Activity Camps was well received from parents and children alike, with lot of fun being had.

Duchal is so lucky to have such a highly qualified, experienced, enthusiastic and caring team of staff who all play such an important part of what makes Duchal such a special place for young children to grow in confidence during their early years.  Since it was established Duchal has given so many local children the best start in life.  

We are looking forward to our big celebration of 50 years of Duchal at Mar Hall in March with over 250 parents, former pupils and past parents joining together for our Anniversary Ball.  The huge support we have received for this shows what a truly special place Duchal Nursery School is. Having been set up in 1967 by a group of local parents who wanted a place to give their children a dedicated pre school experience without being part of a bigger school or just a day care drop off it has gone from strength to strength.

With so many topics and activities we really do have a busy time learning, there are our daily activities of arts and crafts, outdoor learning in our wonderful garden and surrounding park area, weekly trips to the large sports hall for PE, using our interactive touch screen computers, pre school work, French, cooking & much more!! 

We are currently registering children to start in August (and beyond), so if you know any new families to the area or anyone who hasn't yet confirmed their nursery place, please let them know about us!   Find out more from our Facebook page and website.

From all of us at Duchal Nursery

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