Please click here to read Guidance Notes on completing the application form for funded places.

We are delighted to announce that the nursery has been granted funded provider status by Inverclyde Council and will be able to offer 1140 hours of free childcare per annum for 3 - 5 yr olds from August 2020.  If you wish to apply for a funded place, please complete and return the application form.  

We can still take up to four under 3's at any one time.  Fees will be charged for these children at £6 per hour for our core hours of 8.15am - 12 noon until their funding is in place - dependent on birth dates, see dates below.  As these under 3 places are limited we advise that you apply for your child's place as soon as possible as they are offered on a 1st come 1st served basis

Duchal has 24 places for pre-school children between the ages of three and five years.

(Please note: we have limited number of under 3's places, so please register early)

Children must be fully potty trained to start nursery

We have a low pupil to teacher ratio of one adult to six children.

We offer (optional) extended flexible hours in addition to the funded hours of 8.15am - 2.30pm until 6.00pm Monday - Friday. These hours will be invoiced at £6 per hour (late booking fees £8/hr.  Please apply to the Nursery Administrator if you would like your child to utilise longer hours.

Registration Procedure

Funded places are available from Inverclyde Council from August 2020.  To apply please complete the Funded Places Application Form and return to with supporting documentation asap these will then be sent to the council for approval.

When will I know about my child’s ELC funded place?

Application forms must be submitted before last day in February to be presented at the Annual Admissions panel – forms received after this date will be classed as a late application and will then be presented at the post admissions panel in August:

Allocation letters are sent out 3 times a year depending in your child’s birth date

Date of Birth Month due to start (First available Monday in the month) Allocation email or letters released
1st March – 31st August (cannot start before 3rd birthday)  AUGUST / SEPTEMBER MAY
1st September – 30th  September  OCTOBER OCTOBER
1st October – 31st October NOVEMBER OCTOBER
1st November – 30th November  DECEMBER OCTOBER
1st December – 31st December JANUARY DECEMBER
1st January – 31st January FEBRUARY
1st February – 28 (29th) February MARCH

In accordance with our Care Inspectorate Certificate of Registration we are permitted a maximum of 4 children between the ages of 2 years 9 months and 3 years, these places cannot be funded, fees will be charged at £6 per hour for the core nursery hours of 8.15am - 12noon until funding is in place - dependent on birth date, please see table above.  Please complete the under 3's registration form as soon as possible as we are only permitted to have four under 3's at any one time, and these are offered on a first come first served basis.

Duchal Nursery School welcomes visitors, of all ages, throughout the year to come and experience our warm and caring environment and fantastic facilities to “Give your child the best start in life”.

Our places are offered according to date of registration. It is never too early to start the application process and children may be registered from any age. 

There will inevitably be questions which are only relevant to your son or daughter, so please do not hesitate to speak to us.

Please contact our Administrator, Jackie Sayers, if you have any queries or questions email